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General questions

Billing questions

General questions

Is BetaEasy hard to work with?

No it isn’t. You can start using minimal features when you start and move to more advanced ones when you feed confident. We are always looking to improve things – so let us know if something is too hard.

How hard is to integrate BetaEasy with my app?

You can do it, it’s definitely not “rocket surgery”. We are here to help in case you will need it. It’s about cut&paste piece of javascript code for website and about including small software component into your desktop software.

How BetaEasy can help me?

BetaEasy can help you to constantly receive feedback from your customers and allow you to constantly improve your website / software. This will allow you to constantly improve and satisfy your customers needs. You should do this day after day – this process should never stop. BetaEasy makes this process much easier than regular email an /or live chat. Give BetaEasy a try – sign up today.

Can I have separate accounts for employees?

Yes, you can have separate accounts for your employees/friends/colleagues so they have access to separate projects.

Billing Questions

Can I downgrade my account?

Yes, you can. Please contact us in order to downgrade your plan.

What happens if my payment fails?

You will be notified about this. Your account will continue working for next 30 days, and will switch to free plan after that. You will be able to export all your information during this period in case you need it.

If I upgrade in the middle of the month, can I pay for part of the month?

We accept payments for full months only. System will charge you for full month. We recommend to adjust upgraded/downgrades to the end of the month, so you won’t lose any time.

What if my account goes over its limit?

You will be notified when you get close to the limits and will have time to perform upgrade or review the information.
Your public forums will continue to collect feedback from your customers without any downtime for next 30 days.